Do You Need to Hire a Content Writer?

content writer
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Almost every aspect of life, from shopping to working from home, revolves around the Internet. For modern day businesses, the Internet has tangible benefits of attracting new customers and beating the competition. One way of attaining the latter is having original blog content. I’ve seen many businesses with blogs, but the last written article was two to three years ago. If you’re considering giving your blog a fresh start, ask yourself if you need to hire a content writer to keep up with competition.

It’s time to hire a content writer when:

  • You’re too busy with other facets of the business. Many owners have intentions of consistently posting new content, but everything from payroll to employee engagement consumes his or her time away from writing content.
  • You run out of things to say. Content writers are skilled in taking any subject and producing numerous articles that are essentially addressing the same topic, but presenting it as an original idea each time.
  • You have a hard time expressing yourself in writing. Not everyone can write like Nora Roberts or Emily Dickinson, but it’s fine because that means you’re gifted in other areas. You can speak to the content writer and describe the message you want to convey in the article. Afterwards the writer will handle the rest.

So far I’ve listed only a few things to help you make an informed decision about hiring a content writer. Remember that a writer can take the load off your shoulders while you concentrate on other business needs.


2 thoughts on “Do You Need to Hire a Content Writer?

  1. Seo and keywords that trigger the search engines play a big role in this as well.

    If an agency or person doesnt understand how keywords and seo work they are not going to know how to incorporate into their content which hurts the business and professional.

    A good content writer knows how to do this, and already incorporates these methods into their writing without being asked to.


    1. @EmBe Writes That’s so true. Since Google is constantly changing the search algorithm, it’s critical for a content writer to keep up with rankings and organic website traffic. I like to educate my clients about SEO and why it’s important to understand it for his or her business.


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