Identify Your Blog’s Purpose

You’re the owner of a start-up business and recognize the importance of having a blog on the company’s website to attract potential customers. What should you write about? First identify your blog’s purpose, then write content that’s relevant to your profession.

What’s Your Purpose?

Written content must harmonize with the product/services your company offers. So if you own a plumbing business, what will be the purpose of your blog? Do you want to educate the customers of common plumbing issues? Will the blog feature announcement-type content to persuade prospects to call you and take advantage of special offers?

Relevant Content

Once you identify the blog’s purpose, now it’s time to write! As the owner of a plumbing business, you don’t want to go off topic by discussing DIY gardening projects or how to redesign a kitchen. Though the content may offer great advice and amuse your audience, it can detract from the company’s message. For this example appropriate topics include how to unclog a toilet, common causes of water leaks, etc.  You can also use the company blog to make announcements and offer discounts (e.g., X Plumbing Co. will be closed for the holidays or call today for a free consultation).

Identifying your blog’s purpose is the first step to gaining readership and converting prospects to customers. It has been proven that customers will trust your advice and respect your expertise more if you write in a concise way.


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